The Kingdom Is Here

When you think of places that define culture, fashion, business, and movements, where do you think of? Probably places like New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, or anything big global city. These are the places that often find the latest and greatest new trends and advancements. It is funny though how God like to operate differently than human wisdom would choose to operate. When God sent His son Jesus into this world He didn’t have  Him be born to the biggest city of the day, no instead He was born in the humble town of Bethlehem. When Jesus at age 30 began his ministry He didn’t announce God’s Kingdom in a major was in the small and insignificant area of  Zebulun and Naphtali. This was intentional for God to show  that in His Kingdom  no one is too small or insignificant. 

Jesus begins His public ministry in Matthew 4:12-17 to fulfill  Old Testament promises  and He ends this passage with this proclamation... “"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”"   Repent means to   turn away from, to let go of the old and the past in order to turn towards your future you and to embrace the new life of Jesus!   Repentance isn't about giving up things or being controlled, it's about being lost and becoming found. The only way we can join God's Kingdom is to turn back to Him instead of running away from Him. 

So what is the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus speaks of? This Kingdom goes beyond what we might think, check out these excerpt from our journal that helps explain things. 


To those who feel overlooked, left out or rejected – lost in the dark, the Light of God is here !  He sees you, knows you and He loves you!  May you turn to Him and join His Kingdom, as sons and daughters. 

-Pastor Aaron

Aaron Perry