Part-Time Position: Lead Teacher

South Creek Preschool is seeking part-time lead and assistant teachers for the 2018-2019 school year. Applicants must be patient, compassionate, professional, and have the ability to work independently, but also be a supportive team member. If interested, email your resume to Preschool Director Meghan Henninger at or call 765-457-8682. Full job descriptions can be found below.

OUR MISSION: The mission of the staff at South Creek Preschool is to provide a Christ-centered environment that will inspire each child’s spiritual, educational, physical, emotional, and social growth



Responsible to: Director


  1. Be a committed Christian.
  2. See his/her role as a calling for ministry, understanding the role of the mission of the preschool.
  3. Understand that the lead teacher’s first priority is to “teach” the children about the love of Jesus through positive role modeling, gentle and consistent temperament, and caring relationships.
  4. Be a positive, caring person with enthusiasm for caring for children.
  5. Attend all staff meetings, attend workshops and seminars whenever possible, and log at least 12 training hours each year.
  6. Maintain Red Cross first aid and child and infant CPR certifications.
  7. Pass national background check, Tb test and drug screening.



  1. Develop and implement daily lesson plans based upon yearly focus, Indiana Early Learning Foundations and individual needs as assessed.
  2. Submit lesson plans to the director at the start of each week.
  3. Maintain inventory of equipment and supplies.
  4. Plan for and request materials and supplies based up lesson plans and inventory.
  5. Supervise and/or prepare materials for each day’s activities.
  6. Support other staff by being a positive role model and providing guidance when working with each other and children.
  7. Meet with other staff (within the room or between shifts) for planning and problem solving.
  8. Be punctual.
  9. Call the director in a timely manner when ill.
  10. Become familiar with and follow policies outlined in the staff manual.
  11. Participate in program events outside of the classroom. Examples include but are not limited to Thanksgiving Feasts, Christmas Programs, Mom’s Nights, and Dad’s Nights.


  1. Supervise the management of the classroom schedule.
  2. Supervise maintenance of attendance records.
  3. Provide support and modeling throughout free play opportunities.
  4. Execute fire, tornado and lockdown drills according to the emergency plan.
  5. Follow positive discipline policies as outlined in the staff manual.
  6. Maintain ongoing records assessing the growth and development of each child.
  7. Help serve and clean up snacks for the children.
  8. Supervise children as they take care of personal toileting needs, change diapers following diaper changing procedures.
  9. Administer first aid when necessary, as trained; report all accidents/incidents on appropriate forms.
  10. Administer medicine as prescribed, and sign off on medicine forms.
  11. Keep rooms neat and orderly; give attention to unassigned areas, such as corridors, staff room and storage closets, and report any problems to the director.
  12. Maintain open, honest, respectful communications with parents, planning for annual conferences; communicate with parents regarding exceptional behavior, accidents, illnesses and discipline.


  1. Have stamina, both physical and emotional, to work with young children.
  2. Display abilities in planning, coordinating and implementing lesson plans.
  3. Demonstrate initiative and competence in working effectively without close supervision.
  4. Demonstrate willingness to perform other duties, above and beyond those listed here, as assigned.
  5. Have a genuine, Christ-like love for children.

QUALIFICATIONS: Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) with at least one year of experience; Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education; or a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development or related field