Set The Course


Have you ever gone the wrong direct when traveling? Maybe you weren’t paying attention or put in the wrong address into your GPS? I really resonate with Andy Stanley when he says “Your direction not your intention, determines your destination.” That even though we hoped and intended to arrive one place we didn’t get there because our direction not our intention ultimately determines our destination. I think the same is true in our faith journeys and relationships.  That centering our life on Christ and making Him the ultimate destination doesn’t happen based on our intentions but rather based off our intentional choices and rhythms.  Jesus reminds us in Matthew 6:33 to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness…”.

In Matthew 5-7 we find a teaching of Jesus known as “The Sermon on The Mount” and it’s a great place to study about being a Christ follower. One of my favorite parts of this sermon is in Matthew 7:24-27 where Jesus teaches us about the difference between a wise and foolish build has to do with the foundation in which they build their house on. In this teaching Jesus reminds us that we too should build our lives and relationships on a firm foundation found in Him because when storms come in your life…and they will…then you and your relationship will be able to stand. But the truth is centering our lives and relationships on Christ, takes intentionality. It doesn’t just happen, it means we have to work at it and set the course of our journey to make Jesus the destination, we must make Him the foundation.

So how do we begin this process? Following Jesus and making Him the center of your life begins with repenting and putting Jesus in His right place. At the beginning of His public ministry Jesus said in Matthew 4:17 “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Repent just means to turn from.  It means to turn from the sin (the things that go against or are put in place of God) and head toward Him instead. It means to take thing we have placed as the foundation of our lives and relationships and put Him there!


So here is my three step process to set the course toward Christ. Turn. Center. Follow.

Turn from sin and head to Him.

Center your life on Him and chose to make a commit to Him.

Follow after Him with everything you have.


My biggest prayer for you is that you will begin to turn to Him and maybe make promises or vows that from this day forward He will be the center of your life and relationships.


Aaron Perry