NEXT- Vision Initiative

What is NEXT?  NEXT is a  3-year vision capital initiative to help South Creek continue to do life-changing ministry in the name of Jesus, during our next season of ministry.

What are the goals of NEXT?  We will continue paying off our existing mortgage. We will finish the inside of the new children’s building. We will begin saving to make future Kingdom advancing-oriented staffing possible. We will practice generosity by giving back to Bridges Outreach.

Mortgage- $220,000

Children’s Building- $100,000

Staff Development- $15,000

Missions (Bridges Outreach)- $5,000

Total- $340,000


What will the new children’s building look like? Here are a few pictures what it will likely look like inside.



Why are we doing this? We believe that God is calling us to reach people who don’t know Jesus and accomplishing these goals will better help us do that as we seek to love people and help lead them to new life in Christ. 

How can I be involved? You can pray for God to bless and give us opportunities to love people and help lead them to new life in Christ and you can be apart by giving. We are asking people to make 3-year pledges above and beyond their normal tithes and offerings. We will have a commitment Sunday on November 12th and commitments will be January 2018- January 2020.

You can give to NEXT by clicking here. 

If you have any other questions regarding NEXT please contact Pastor Aaron.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and Kingdom-minded spirit! Future is in His hands.